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A Newsletter for The 21st Century Womyn
May, 1998 Volume 1, Number 1

Editor: June Kaminski, RN BSN MSN
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Spring often spurs us to evaluate what our level of physical fitness is.
What level feels best to you?
What weight do you feel the best at?
What kind of muscle tone do you enjoy the most?
How would you change your present level of fitness?
It's no secret, that exercise, diet, and positive regard for
your body can help you achieve your fitness goals.
To find out what is the best body proportions for your skeletal frame, try these simple measurements.
Measure around your Wrist and record the diameter in inches:
WRIST: ______ inches

Then multiply your wrist measurement as indicated below to calculate your ideal proportions.
BREASTS: Multiply Wrist Measurement by 6: = ________ inches
WAIST: Multiply Wrist Measurement by 4: = ________ inches
HIPS: Multiply Wrist Measurement by 6: = ________ inches
THIGHS: Multiply Wrist Measurement by 3: = ________ inches
CALVES: Multiply Wrist Measurement by 2: = ________ inches
ANKLES: Multiply Wrist Measurement by 1.5: = ________ inches
UPPER ARMS: Multiply Wrist Measurement by 1.5: = ________ inches

If you are a mother, and have given birth, add 2 inches to the final waist measurement.
This is an ideal framework, based on your bone structure. Other factors can cause variations in your final measurements. These measurements are only an ideal - a goal to work towards, if you so choose. Only you know what kind of body dimensions you feel most comfortable with.


Spring is an excellent time to begin to manifest want you want in life. Below is a simple manifestation exercise for you to try.

Manifestation Exercise

1. Type or Write out just what it is you need
2. Make 3 copies of your needs for 4 people close to you
3. Address envelopes to these 4 people as if you were going to mail them
4. Put the lists inside, seal the envelopes, and sign the back.
5. Have someone else sign them too (not the 4 people that they're for).
6. For 7 days, keep the letters all under a candle.
7. For 7 minutes each day, light the candle and look at it while meditating on what you've written on the lists.
8. On the 8th day, burn or bury the letters, along with the candle.
You will soon have your needs fulfilled!


Journaling to Your Heart's Content!

Or,..write it out, dear Sister!

Journal writing is a practice that has been traced to ancient times.
The cave paintings and hieroglyphics of early people are recognized as the first attempts to document a person's or community's experiences.
As writing materials were created, and language developed, people began to scribe their personal feelings, thoughts, and experiences on stone, bark, parchment, and later on paper.

As chroniclers of our own stories, we write to create and recreate ourselves,...
to voice our truth and our experiences. To learn who we are and who we have been,...and who we will be. Our journals become our travel logs,...our companion through the ups and downs, the joys and sorrows,...the memories. They serve to help us reach wholeness. Writing a journal can help you to express your personal beliefs and values, and to explore your personal history, your culture, and is a safe place for free expression.

To write in a journal faithfully, consider these suggestions:

1. Find writing materials that make you feel good. Find a journal book with an illustration that expresses a part of you. Find a wonderful pen, that flows along with you.
2. Find a time and place to write in, that feels good to you. No distractions.
3. Sit erect, breathe deeply, relax. Let the juices flow effortlessly.
4. Write quickly, with a regular flow.
5. As you write, become aware of an inner purpose or need. Write about it!
6. Become attuned to your inner direction finder, and follow its lead.
7. Decide how much time you want to commit to writing, and try to do some daily.
8. Experiment, and observe yourself.
9. Trust the process.


Many 21st Century womyn combine a variety of roles in their busy, diverse lives. It takes a great deal of strength and organization to live each role well. Our Higher Selves can fill us with incredible power and Bless our lives with wonderful synchronicity, so that each day becomes a satisfying chapter in this life journey of ours.

The following meditation is from Chris Griscom's book: "Feminine Fusion", 1991,
Fireside Books, New York, page 87:

Begin the day with a rundown of what needs to be accomplished in your various life arenas.
The ask your Higher Self to take form. When you perceive this energy, ask your Higher Self to shed its light on your mental list of activities. Visualize them surrounded in light and then bring the image of your Higher Self into your body. Now, feeling charged with this wonderful energy, begin your meditation, allowing yourself to be fed by all this encompassing energy before you have to go out and give energy to the rest of the world. Just the consciousness that you are being fed energetically helps tremendously to face the day. The Higher Self will order the events synergistically so that solutions, ideas, and happenings will occur at the perfect time sequence and your effectiveness will triple!

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