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June 1998 Volume 1, Number 2

Editor: June Kaminski, RN MSN

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Body Dialogue

Removing Blockages

Itís Summer! A season of Sun, Sand, Gardens, Vacation!

If youíre like most people, you spend a lot more time outdoors, at this time of year. You may be more active, and more aware of your body. Have you noticed any tension, stiffness, or perhaps a heavy feeling in any part of your body? Summer is a great time to get outside, spend time with Mother Nature and unblock any restricted areas in your body. Hereís some tips on how to do this:

Find a pleasant spot outside, where you can spend some time focusing on your body. Sit down comfortably, and breathe deeply. Let your mind and body relax with each breath. As you become more relaxed, begin to scan your body. Start at your toes and slowly move your attention through each part of your body, all the way up to the top of your head. When you find an area that is blocked, spend some time focusing on that area. Breathe into it, feel it deeply. Notice what feelings well up inside you as you focus on the blocked area. Do any past memories come into your awareness? Any blocked trauma or accumulated feelings of fatigue, burden, anxiety, fear, anger, resentment? If so, let yourself move through these memories and feelings. Fully experience them, then let them go. Now, sense what color would help to dissolve this blockage, and in your mind, fill the area with the chosen shade. Continue to breathe deeply as you infuse the area with the color. Once you sense some clearing, move on to the next blocked area. Continue to do this until youíve focused on all areas of restriction. When you are done, find a way to express this releasing. Write down your experience, or paint the symbols and images you received. Or you could create a free-form dance to symbolize your experience. Perform this clearing regularly, to keep your body dynamic, filled with strong pure energy, flowing unimpeded throughout your body.

Mind Dialogue

New Moon Manifestation

1998 New Moon Schedule

  • June 23rd
  • July 23rd
  • August 24th
  • September 20th

  • October 20th
  • November 18th
  • December 18th

To create what you want in your life, you need to have your goals very clearly defined in your mind. The energy available at the time of the New Moon is extremely conducive to goal setting and planning. A day or two before the New Moon write down in detail, all of the conditions, items, and goals that you want to achieve and manifest in your life. Write them in list form, with as much detail as you can manage.

Beginning on the New Moon, focus on this list, at least once a day. Even better, focus on it when you arise, and again before you retire at night. Read the list, focusing on each item in turn, fully visualizing yourself enjoying each list item. Really see yourself having whatever it is you have cared enough about to write down. Do this everyday until just before the next New Moon. As items become a reality in your life, replace them with new goals and intentions. Youíll be amazed at how swiftly things will come to you, when you take the time to focus, and you make room in your life for the item to become a reality for you. Have Fun! Never doubt that you can create the Life you want!

Heart Dialogue

Sacred Intimacy

Summertime is often equated with Love, Romance, and Sensuality. How is your Love Life? Do you feel a sense of renewal, as you engage in intimacy? Or do you feel a sense of emptiness or even drained? When we love someone, our auric fields entwine. If the love energy is compatible, we donít feel drained, but replenished . When you are attuned to your partner, you may notice telepathic exchanges, you may experience past-life glimpses where you shared your lives in other times , or an awareness of deep, psychic bonds with your partner. if you donít, why not? If you would like to create a sacred bond with your partner, try the following.

As you love your partner, surrender into the experience, and feel your partnerís energy as if it is the first time youíve ever touched. Focus on sending your tender, unabashed love energy to them through every pore of your body. Feel your chakra centers pulsate like vortexes, sending out streams of energy towards your partnerís centers. Go deeply into the union, experience every nuance of your partner - physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Feel the beauty well up from deep within you, merging with the beauty and love coming from your partner. Feel it nestle around the two of you like a protective, soft cocoon. Notice any images that come into your mind. Or memories from other times. Allow this experience to refresh and nurture you.

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Spirit Dialogue

Scents for the Soul

The scents from herbs, essential oils, incense, and potpourri can help you to relax during meditation, to unwind after a busy day, as well as help you to attune more fully to your Higher Self and Spirit Guides. Some easy to use, readily available scents include:

Frankincence -

Excellent for Meditation. Helps to induce spiritual visions. Opens you to higher inspirations, and a clearer perspective. Helps you explore past life memories. Cleanses your aura, as well as the room. Is protective and healing.

Gardenia -

Attunes you with the Nature Spirits. Stimulates telepathy and spirit communication.

Jasmine -

Applied to body, helps to stimulate the libido. Helps to awaken Kundalini energy and balance body weight.

Lavender -

Considered a magical herb. Helps stimulate past-life dreams.Helps reveal karmic blockages and how to remove them. Eases stress, helps you to move into altered states of awareness. Stimulates higher vision. Applied to temples, before retiring, helps to induce a restful sleep.

Lilac -

Connects you with the Spirit realm. Helps you to envision the spiritual planes. Use to clean haunted or energy-depleted houses. Attracts the flower devas. Stimulates clairvoyance. Excellent for past-life memory recall. Helps you to recognize the innate Soul beauty in others.

Myrrh -

A powerful cleansing and healing aid. Helps you recall and release past life blockages. Helps stimulate dream recall.

Rose -

Helps to connect you with your Guides. Helps to stimulate psychic ability.

Sage -

Powerful for past-life recall. Clears the energy field of people and rooms. Helps to clarify your Soul Path, and memories of past lives.


Helps relax you into a meditative state. Apply to temples to aid in meditative concentration. Helps remove spiritual blockages.

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