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A Newsletter for the 21st Century Woman

July 1998 Volume 1, Number 3

Editor: June Kaminski, RN MSN

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Body Dialogue

Your Body and Nature

July brings heat, warm summer breezes, and velvety nights - a time to merge with the richness and fertility of Nature. As you move through each summer day, how does your body respond? When you feel the kiss of the Summer Sun, what sensations do you notice? When you feel the balmy breezes gently tossle your hair, and whisper in your ear, what physical responses are awakened? Can you feel the animal-like exquisite attunement of your body as you experience the natural world around you?

Our bodies crave this melding - our feet and toes long to lazily dig in the warm summer sand. The sensation of refreshing water as we float and dive in the ocean or lake, reminds us of our connection with water,...with air,....with earth - all the elements of our precious Planet. Spending time each day, communing with nature is the perfect medicine for our bodies. We can't help but feel more alive and whole when our lives include a relationship with the Earth.

Dancing, signing, walking, running, or sitting in a natural setting is balm for our bodies, as well as our Souls. We become more aware of our own natural beauty, and our connection to all living things. Make Nature a daily experience and relish the subtle gifts she offers

Mind Dialogue


Women are often in touch with their intuition - this has been a cultural stereotype for generations. Recent research has shown that one's intuition is a valid "way of knowing" the world. Women and men would all benefit from harnessing the wisdom so freely available by simply listening to one's intuitive flashes. Are you consciously aware of the messages you receive daily via your intuition? Often these messages come as an inner thought or message - and may not seem to make sense in light of the situation they crop up in. You may suddenly get an urge, or think of someone "out of the blue", and know that you should contact them, or that they're thinking of you.

Your intuitive knowing may come as a physical sensation - a knot in your stomach, a fluttering in your solar plexus, or a tingley feeling in your forehead. If you tune into this sensation, you can gain awareness of the inner meaning of what you are feeling. The more you follow your intuition, the stronger it becomes. As we trust ourselves, our minds learn to balance our logical thinking with our intuitive knowing, affording creative, whole-brain thought processes we can use to make sound decisions, reach effective solutions, and to interact with our world in a holistic fashion.

Heart Dialogue

Yoga of The West

Summer has long been the most likely season for new relationships to begin. Relationships have become known as "the Yoga of the Western World", requiring focus, intent, allowing, and flow to successfully weather the series of adaptations necessary fro two people to create a solid union. The pressures of the contemporary world further complicate the adjustments necessary for summertine romances to blossom into long-term committed relationships.

What qualities are needed for a relationship to endure in the 21st Century? When the number of relationships that are dissolving surpass the number that are being forged - consideration of what helps and hinders is important.

Points to Consider:

1. What exactly are you looking for in a relationship?
2. What would your ideal partner be like? Not just physically, but what would their philosophy of life be? Their values? How would they express affection? What depth of spiritual development would they have?
3. How will you know when you've met your true Soul Mate?
4. What compromises would you be willing to make to amicably and joyously share your life with a partner?
5. What qualities of your life are sacred to you, thus non-negotiable?
6. How balanced are your emotions? Are your inner male and female qualities working in harmony?
7. What kind of relationship did you have with your opposite-sex parent? Does your memories and thoughts of this parent-child relationship affect your ability to relate to potential new partners? If so, how?

By knowing the answers to these questions, you can prepare yourself for the joy, the sharing, and the adjustments to successfully create an empowering, sacred relationship that will endure the test of time.

Spirit Dialogue


Living in these times - as we enter the 21st century raises interesting questions about the Spirit. Our Western world is at the height of materialism, yet is also undegoing a strong spiritual undercurrent - a calling to attune and awaken to our Inner Source. Our world has become a multicultural tapestry of diversity - a blending of religions, a reawakening to aboriginal wisdom, and a growing tolerance for the rich differences, yet inherent connectiveness of all people. As we move towards the third Millenium, the market has become flooded with Spirit -driven writing, art, movements, and celebration. A critical mass is emerging - people are being drawn to holism and purpose, and a deep desire to evolve. A connection to the Higher Self is being made for many - affording a rich sense of purpose and inspiration.
More and more, people are beginning to notice a synchronicity to life. You may be mulling over a topic, investigating it with your mind, heart, and soul. Then, suddenly, this same topic is mirrored back to you in a conversation, or something that you've read, or a song you hear, or an event you experience. It's as though your Higher Self is reinforcing your focus with signs from the external world around you.
The more you notice these synchronicities, the more likely they will continue. If you perceive your world openly, expecting answers to your questions, watching for opportunities, "signs", and messages in your daily life - you'll effortlessly draw the information, attract the people, and find yourself in the best situations to fulfill your life goals and enjoy your day by day activities.
Keep in mind, that nothing happens without a reason. Remember that each person you meet has a message for you. Watch for signs and enjoy the synchroncity of your Earthly Life.

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