What's New at DynoWomyn in 2001?

2001 - The True Millennium. - June Kaminski, Jan 1st, 2001

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November 2001

November 17th, 2001: New Art: "Goddess of the 'Fall" now on display in the Visions Gallery. . View it HERE

October 2001

October 7th, 2001: New Art: "Healing from the Aftermath" now on display in the Visions Gallery. This piece is in honor of the people who crossed over during the WTC, DC & PA terrorist attacks, and for those who are now healing from the pain and torment. View it HERE

August 2001

August 4th, 2001: New Art: "Seek the Key" now on display in the Visions Gallery . View it HERE

July 2001

July 29th, 2001: A new section of "My Musings" has been launched for 2001. Check it out HERE
July 28th, 2001: The Dynowomyn AMAZON Reading Room has had a major facelift! We have featured Books for the Body, Mind, Heart and the Spirit. Check out our 50 recommended titles HERE
July 10th, 2001: The Dynowomyn Newsletter is being resurrected mid July! View and subscribe to it HERE
July 10th, 2001: Listen to a Talk Radio Interview with June (Rajuna) on Tarot Plane! Listen to it HERE

May 2001

May 11h, 2001: New Award Winners: now on display in the Awards Winners Pages . View them HERE

April 2001

April 30, 2001: Three new websites from June Kaminski, the DynoWomyn creator, especially for you. They include: Please come and visit!!
April 30th, 2001: New Art: "Lilac Dream" now on display in the Visions Gallery . View it HERE

January 2001

January 14th, 2001: Select merchandise available featuring some of my artwork. T-shirts, sweatshirts, Baby-T's, mugs and mousepads. 2001, Year of the Snake and more. . View them HERE

Buy My Art On Select Merchandise
January 1st, 2001: New Art: "2001 - The True Millennium" now on display in the Visions Gallery . View it HERE
January 1st, 2001: Year of the Golden Serpent! I have put up the first half of the new Asian astrology page for the Year of the Snake which starts January 24th, 2001, on my Rajuna site. View it HERE

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