Newsletter for 21st Century Womyn: September 1999, V. 2, No. 5

September 1999 Volume 2, Number 5



Keeping Your Bones Strong (Part 2 of 3)

Our bones are in a continual state of growth, repair, and remodeling. We have specific bone cells that lay down the new foundation, while other bones break down older cells to make room for the new ones. Your bone cells are uniquely tied to your blood cells, gaining nourishment from your ever circulating blood. Every seven years, you have an entirely new skeleton.

Two lifestyle factors are key to your skeletal health. Diet and Fitness. Both work hand in hand to keep your body's foundation strong and limbre. Calcium is crucial, taken with Magnesium, Phosphorus, and Vitamin D. The average Western diet is overabundant in phosphorus (Meat, dairy, packaged foods) but is often deficient in Calcium and Magnesium. This creates an acid imbalance in the blood, so the body compensates by leeching calcium from the bones.

Soya products, fruits and vegetables, and 2% dairy products provide these nutrients, as well as Manganese, Zinc, and Boron, also important for bone growth. Soya products also give you phytoestrogens, a natural form of estrogen, especially important as women reach the menopausal years.

Vitamin D is essential for calcium absorption: adequate intake (400 I.U. per day) increases absorption by up to 80%. 30 minutes a day in direct sunlight will increase your Vitamin D intake significantly. Just avoid the peak "burn" times, and sit or walk out in the sun and feast your cells with sunshine vitamins.

Next Month: Fitness and Your Bones


Nourishing Your Brain Cells

It is a widely known fact that the average Western lifespan is increasing with each passing year. Mental functioning, including memory is often expected to diminish as a person ages. This does commonly occur, but is something that can be virtually prevented if one tends to their mental health on an ongoing basis.

The most important health practice you can do for your brain is to use it. Our minds need regular stimulation, exercise and development. Ensure that you use your brain each day. Read well, dialogue with intelligent people, listen to good music, learn something that fascinates you, indulge yourself in intuitive exploration.

The way you deal with stress also affects your mind. When one is constantly in mental overload, the memory tends to fail, and even small things are forgotten. If we are always operating in "fight or flight" mode, the store of glucose available to the brain cells is diminished, leaving impaired memory, lack of concentration, and the inability to think clearly and critically. Take time each day to relax and play, and try to deal with life's stressors in a calm and flowing way.

Diet too is important for healthy mental function. The best diet for a healthy brain consists primarily of low saturated fats, high fibre, and moderate calorie diet. Avoidance of alcohol, caffeine, cigarettes, heavy metals and food additives is also recommended to keep your mind sharp and clear.

Next Month: Herbs for Optimal Brain Function


Be Your Perfect Mate

Gloria Steinem made an excellent point when she suggested that women should be the mate that they desire. This may sound strange, but treating ourselves the way that our perfect mate would can have far reaching implications. Too many women "run" on sacrifice, self-denial, and emotional deficits. To heal ourselves from years of emotional neglect, the best step to take is to begin to really dote on yourself. Not in a narcissistic way, but a loving, gentle and tender one.

In order to do this thoroughly, take some time to unwind with a journal and pen, and make a list of all the things that you would like your current or dream mate to do for you. Things which make you feel cherished, precious, and fully alive. Make the list as clear and tangible as possible.

Once you've exhausted all ideas, review the list and think of ways you could do these things for yourself, or share them with your mate. Perhaps the love of your life is also dying to share quality time with you: mutual massages, a quiet get-away for two, attending an enrichment class together,..they may be open to these and other possibilities. If not, or if you are currently single, figure out how you can enjoy these on your own, or with a friend.

Once you learn to experience self-care and positive indulgence as a regular part of your life, you may be amazed at how these practices become a routine for you and your mate; or if single, attract to you the kind of mate who would also enjoy these types of activities with you, as a regular part of life. As you learn to expect romance, joy, rapture, sensuousness, playfulness, adventure and intimacy in your day to day life, you will find that you come to find it a common part of your time here on earth. Make your life a joy, a drama, a comfort, and a blessing both for you and your loved ones.


Affirming Your Sacredness

Spiritual expression is witnessed in a number of ways. In our changing times, the ways that people worship and connect with Spirit has become a diverse and eclectic experience, unique to each individual. Never before, in all of humankind's history has familiarity with the many different religions become so pronounced. We are learning to tolerate one another, and worship side by side, using different keys and different languages, but in essence, connecting with the same Force and Power.

This age was predicted long ago, in many different cultures. The time of the Rainbow Bridge, where Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, and Humanist along with all of the other world religions and ways of believing can stand strong, lift their voices and raise the vibration of our species, our planet, and even our Universe.

It is important to express our Spirit on a daily basis. Affirming our Connection with the Source, in whatever guise that may be for us as individuals, is crucial to long life, deep awareness, and a fulfilled Life Path. Affirm to yourself that you are a Sacred, unique human being, who lives in a spiritual world. See the sacredness in everything around you, even that which seems grey, and dull and devoid of life. Through your eyes, the world can be helped to transform, when guided by your deep well of inner knowing.

Each step you take, each thing you touch, each glance, each word, each thought - make them a blessing to yourself and all those who witness your presence. You are a vessel and a vehicle for Spirit to be expressed in this three dimensional world. Never lose sight of your grace and inherent dignity, a being infused with vital spirit and essence, a treasure to this world, a Sacred Light of the Holy All.

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