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Imagine having your own therapist at home, available 24 hours a day. That's exactly what Psychovisual Therapy videos offer you, according to Dr. Bryan Knight, noted Montreal author and psychotherapist.

Psychovisual Therapy "Each of the ten videos has a unique focus, " says Dr. Knight. "For example, the Self-Confidence video, as its title implies, helps you to develop trust in your ability to do what you previously considered impossible."

Dr. Eileen Alexander, family physician and past-president of the Ontario Society of Clinical Hypnosis, says, "The accessability, technological excellence and practicality of Psychovisual Therapy videos mean that many patients are very responsive and can almost immediately tap into their own healing responses."

Psychovisual Therapy (PsyV) half-hour videos relax the viewer with a calming blend of computer-generated images, comforting music, soothing voice-over and positive subliminal messages.

Subliminal messages? "That's one of the ingredients that makes these videos so powerful," says Dr. Knight. "Unlike audiotapes, where you can never be sure there even is an underlying subliminal message, you see the subliminals flash by on PsyV videos. They're too fast for the conscious mind to read, yet they make an impression directly on the subconscious."

As an example, Dr. Knight says that many people have ended decades of smoking after only one viewing of the Stop Smoking video. "And the beauty of it is that if, in the future, you find yourself tempted to smoke, you simply view the video once more and your urge to smoke vanishes."

The soothing voice of the video creator (a self-taught, self-effacing computer and creative genius) on most of the videos brings you essential information about how the mind works, how you can change negative messages in your subconscious and what vital facts you need to know about the specific topic.

Psychovisual Therapy Dr. Knight, the first hypnotherapist in North America to use Psychovisual Therapy, was so impressed with the ease with which this approach brings about change that he became the distributor for the videos in Canada and the United States. "These are not the first videos to use a light hypnotic trance to help people change, but they are the best. The quality is superb."

Originally made in England, the videos are now produced in Canada, with a resulting significant drop in the retail price (from $75 to the current $39.95 per video).

Thousands of people in various parts of the world attest to the effectiveness of Psychovisual Therapy. A psychologist in New York, Dr. Maurice Kouguell, while previewing Serenity, the newest PsyV title, was pleased to discover that it relieved his severe back pain. In Montreal, Dr. Ronald Jones, prosthodontist, uses Stress Control with "satisfying results."

An exciting use for Serenity is described by Dr. Knight: "Let's say you want to achieve something specific, such as behaving confidently when asking for a date or giving a speech. First you prepare a positive suggestion, repeat it slowly three times to yourself, then sit back, relax and enjoy the video. The message is effortlesly absorbed by your subconscious."

An incidental benefit for most viewers of PsyV videos, according to Dr Knight, is that they sleep more deeply. He recommends that clients watch their favourite video just before going to sleep partly because "that gives the subconscious uninterrupted time to process the positive input, and partly because the viewer will have a more refreshing sleep than usual."

Dr. Knight will often suggest to an in-office client that he or she could obtain a boost to their therapy by buying an appropriate video to watch at home. "Which title I suggest obviously depends on the particular challenge facing the client. Almost everyone in therapy can benefit from Self-Confidence but sometimes Relax and Let Go will be more suitable, or Positivity, for example, if the client is depressed."

PsyV videos are usually used as a complementary aid to psychotherapy. But they are also ideal for people who are unable or reluctant to visit a therapist, says Dr. Knight, "because the videos are designed for you to use privately, in your own home."

If you want to release weight, for example, and keep your weight at a particular level, then PsyV's Weight Control and Weight Loss would be appropriate to include in your self-help package, says Dr. Knight. "Our aim is to avoid the yo-yoing of diets. Hypnotherapy and PsyV are an unbeatable combination to shed unwanted weight slowly and permanently."

If you are seeing a therapist an excellent way to enhance your sessions, says Dr. Knight, is to watch Serenity while the therapist gives you positive suggestions. Later, when you watch your own copy of the video at home, all the therapy you did in the office, is automatically reinforced.

Is the effect of these videos simply that of a placebo ? "No, definitely not," says Dr. Knight. "You can feel the power as you watch. But even if all they did was harness the placebo effect, that in itself would be marvellous. It would mean that you have an ideal way to trigger your body and mind's own healing processes."

Here are the current PsyV titles, with a short explanation by Dr. Knight of the main uses for each video:

  • Positivity: Want to develop an optimistic outlook ? This video will help lift you out of depression, show you how to be cheerful in trying circumstances, and generally how to be rid of anxiety and mental suffering.
  • Relax and Let Go: This begins with a progressive relaxation sequence, beneficial in itself. The video enables you to free yourself from negative thoughts, from phobias such as fear of flying, and from unhealthy relationships.
  • Self-Confidence: As the title implies, viewing this video will strengthen your belief in yourself. Contains a segment which builds your ability to be relaxed when you speak in public.
  • Stop Smoking: For many people only one viewing is all that is necessary to stop a decades-long habit. The success you enjoy in stopping smoking has a positive "ripple effect" on other areas of your life.
  • Weight Control: Not a diet plan. This video helps you make the subconscious decisions necessary to safely and gradually release excess weight, then to keep it off permanently.
  • Weight Loss: A powerful companion to the Weight Control video. There is no voice-over on this video. Combats insomnia at the same time it sends strong subliminal messages to your body to release excess weight.
  • Stress Control: Should be called stress-proofing because this video shows you more than how to deal with stress; it protects you against being damaged by stress. Changes your thoughts in a positive direction.
  • Mind and Hypnosis: Clear explanation of how the mind works and what hypnosis is all about. A must for anyone contemplating using hypnotherapy.
  • Serenity: No voice-over. Useful for relaxation, peace of mind, pain control, self-hypnosis, and "eyes-open" hypnosis in a therapist's office.
  • Freedom from Tranquillisers: The anti-addiction video. Wean yourself off tranquillisers, with your physician's approval, of course.

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Bryan M. Knight, MSW, PhD, holds a degree in psychology from Sir George Williams University, a Master's in social work from McGill University and a doctorate in counselling from Columbia Pacific University for his dissertation, Professional Love: The Hypnotic Power of Psychotherapy.

He can be reached by e-mail at drknight@odyssee.net, by fax at (514) 485- 3828, by mail at 7306 Sherbrooke Street West, Montreal, QC, Canada, H4B 1R7, and by phone at (514) 489-6733.

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