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A Newsletter for the 21st Century Woman

October 1998 Volume 1, Number 6

Editor: June Kaminski, RN MSN

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Body Dialogue

Listening to Your Body

Autumn is the season of taking stock, of monitoring the harvest, and preparing for the winter. In modern culture, where many people live in cities, the rhythms of the seasons may not be noticed or personally experienced as deeply as they used to be, when most of the population lived and worked close to Nature. This autumn, why not tune into your body, and how it is experiencing it’s world? Why not nourish and meet it’s expressed needs - and build it’s inner strength and fortitude to provide protection from winter colds, flus, and blues?

Whenever you think of it, tune into your body. Don’t dismiss it - but really give it your full attention.
How does your body feel, right at this moment?
Do some areas feel heavy?
Strained? Congested?
Are there areas of your body that you’d just as soon not focus on?
When your body sends you signals, such as pain or hunger, do you listen? Do you respond?
How can you make the relationship that you have with your body, a comfortable and loving one?
Is your body signaling to you that it needs a change?
What strategies can you use to fulfill this need?
Glowing good health comes from a balance of behaviors.
What behaviors do you do regularly which contribute to your health?
Which behaviors deter your body’s health?
What do you want to do about this?
Make a plan, and follow it. Your body can glide through this winter full of vim and vigor!

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Mind Dialogue

Meditative Moments

Meditation is the experience of who you already are, and always have been, and will always be.
D. Fontana

Meditation is an engagement with yourself, a focusing on your essence,...beyond your roles, your “masks,” your culture, your beliefs and values, beyond your bodily sensations.

It is attuning with the still point of eternity around which everything revolves. The key to achieving this attunement is to allow our conscious mind to leave it’s usual beta wave state for a while, and to move into an alpha brain wave state.

Brain Wave States

cps=cycles per second

Delta Waves -

(0.5 to 3.5 cps) Example: Very deep sleep without dreaming.

Theta Waves-

(3.5 to 7 cps) Example: The moment just prior to sleep.

Alpha Waves-

(7.5 to 13 cps) Example: Meditation, Daydreaming.

Beta Waves -

(14 to 30 cps) Example: Wide awake and engaged in activity.

Meditation can be described as a sort of vision quest of the mind, or dreaming without being asleep. Day to day living can be distracting, and meditation is a way to find a calmness and a sense of strength. Often, meditation creates results, such as rebirthing - there is a sense of renewal, even if no issues of the moment are consciously resolved.

When you wish to enter a meditative state, you can facilitate this quickly by altering your breathing. By exhaling longer that usual, you stimulate your Vagus nerve, which in turn stimulates the Para-sympathetic nervous system, which causes the body and mind to relax. Once relaxed, let your thoughts go, and take a mental journey - don’t censor the images that may pop up in your mind. Go with them. Often, people who meditate receive symbols and images, which can be focused on until the meaning of the image is revealed. These are usually “messages” from your Higher Self - a way to convey truth, guidance, and balance.

Heart Dialogue

Beacons of Love

As we all know, the 21st century is almost here - only 14 months away! Many people harbor strong emotions about what the year 2000 will bring. Some see more of the same; some feel disaster will strike, founded on fear and retribution; others sense the dawning of a rich, joyful new millennium founded on peace and love. The key to this latter view is the final word in the last sentence - LOVE! The emotional body is at it’s best - it’s most powerful, when the force of Love is allowed to flow through it. People may not realize it, but their emotional bodies are tangible vehicles, just as their physical bodies are.

In our fast-paced, ever-changing modern world, we experience an overwhelming array of emotions. Throughout the course of a routine day, we can easily experience the vibrational frequencies of love, hate, fear, sorrow, apathy, joy, and so on. If we are not in tune with our emotional bodies, we are often ineffective in tempering the outpour of raw, intense emotions that flood them and can “ruin our day.”

The key to emotional health is a regular, generous dose of the Love frequency. Whether this love is targeted towards ourselves (self-love), towards others (romantic love, parental love, and such), or towards the external environment in general, (cosmic love), this rich emotion heals, frees, and buoys us above the impact of lower energies which may target us in our routine lives.

The Love frequency is most readily and tangibly felt in the heart region. Have you ever noticed, that when you feel love for another in a joyous way, your heart, chest, and throat areas feel light, vibrant, and energized? Or, when you’ve lost someone you love, or feel a deficit of love in your life - your heart and throat areas feel heavy, pressurized and painful - often bringing you to the brink of tears?

An easy way to draw more love into your emotional body is to work with your heart chakra. As you move through your day, “see” a rosy pink jewel or an emerald green one, shining in your heart cavity. See the light of this perfect, brilliant jewel send rays of radiant laser-like light out from your emotional body to touch all those around you. See this light soften the energy between you and all you meet - catalyzing a rich energy exchange of communion, peaceful interaction, dignity, and love. Be a Beacon of Love!

Spirit Dialogue

Meeting Your Dream Self

Everyone is obviously aware that we all spend about one third of our lives in the sleep state. Virtually every living creature on this planet has a basic need for regular sleep cycles. It is also common knowledge that sleep is essential for physical and mental rejuvenation. If we deprive ourselves of sleep, it doesn’t take long to feel the detrimental effects in both physical health and mental functioning.

Through the ages, mystical initiates have been taught about the spiritual implications of sleep - in particular, the ones inherent in the dream state. One of the most basic tasks presented to initiates has always been to tune into and become aware of the dream self. Teachings in how to awaken within a dream and become aware that one is dreaming (now called lucid dreaming) have been passed down through a myriad of “mystery” schools. The premise of this lucid awareness within the dream state is that their dream self is just as real as who they are in the waking state. Our dream selves have a “life”of their own - not on the three dimensional planes, but on the etheric levels which we routinely access through every reasonably long sleep session.

Ways to get in touch with this dream self have been passed on through many centuries. Work related to dream analysis abounds - go into any public library, and you should find many books focused on dream work and understanding.

If you can approach your dream time with the desire to get to know your dream self more intimately, you will more easily facilitate lucid dreaming as you sleep. Before retiring, tell yourself that you will become aware that you are dreaming, and will try to tune into what you are experiencing and remember what happens. As you drift off to sleep, continue to tell your mind that you want this awareness to occur and you wish to remember the dream experience. Deep insight into your dreams and the experiences of your dream self can help you tune into the depths of your being and recognize the multidimensional properties of your own self. If you record your dream adventures as soon as you awaken - teaching, insight, and guidance can be revealed. Tap the insight of your dream self - you may be amazed at how much you really do know, and what fantastic adventures your dreaming self experiences.

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