Aloe - Natural Healer

The herb, Aloe Vera should be in everyone's home as an instant "first aid" plant. There are 75 different nutritional compounds naturally occurring in Aloe Vera, which makes it a good choice when looking for aids to heal yourself and your family.

For one, Aloe provides dietary support for the digestive tract. It has a soothing effect on the digestive tract lining and helps provide a healthy balance of intestinal secretions.

Aloe Vera contains natural anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. It cools and numbs sensitive tissue, such as sore gums and burned skin, and often literally stops the redness and pain.

It's a good idea to keep Aloe Vera as a houseplant, for quick first aid treatment for burns, cuts, and stings. Just cut a small piece of the leaf and gently squeeze the gel from the inner leaf onto the afflicted body area. Aloe also helps to prevent hair loss and is a natural treatment for acne.


Mental Health & Herbs

Nature offers us a variety of plants that serve well as natural sedatives, and mental health enhancers. Lavender oil provides relief from nervous headaches and tension, and helps you drift into an brain wave state.To help you sleep, put a little dab of the oil on the skin right beneath your nostrils just before you retire. Skullcap tea is also a powerful sleep enhancer, and nerve tonic. Try drinking a cup of strong brewed tea, just before you retire for the night.

Historically used as a nerve tonic, St. John's Wort is now widely used as a mild antidepressant. It's also a potent antiviral and antibacterial agent that is being trialed as a useful therapy for AIDS sufferers.

St. John's Wort is one of the best herbs for mood elevation. Several controlled studies have shown significant results in treating patients with mild to moderate depression. Improvement was shown with symptoms of sadness, helplessness, hopelessness, anxiety, headache and exhaustion with no reported side effects.


The Greatest Love

Spring seems to quicken the blood, and often turns our thoughts and emotions to the vibration of romantic and supportive love. This seems natural, and has gone on since the dawn of time. What sparks one's heart in spring, is not guaranteed to carry one through the remainder of the year, let alone the rest of our lives, especially these days!

The greatest gift that you or anyone can give themselves is a strong healthy dose of self-love. Not narcissism or self-centeredness; but honest, and aware love of one's own being and one's own purpose for living. You are here for specific reasons. You do have a Path and a Destiny. Only you and your Maker know what that is. That is part of the Beauty of this life - the intrinsic mystery that only soul-searching and relating can discover and unleash.

If your thoughts and feelings are less than kind as you reflect upon your own being, discover why. What standards, values, beliefs, are you using to judge yourself? What can you change or evolve within yourself to raise your level of love of self? Learning to relate to your own being with gentle tender love, will open your heart to all those around you - a big part of what you and I are both here to do.


Awakening the 8th Chakra

Teachings related to the seven major chakras are quite readily available through books, internet articles, yoga classes, and so on. The seven major chakras include: the crown chakra at the top of the head; the third eye in the center of the forehead; throat chakra in the mid-throat area; heart chakra at the mid chest; solar plexus chakra at the diaphragm; creative-sexual chakra below the navel; and the lumbar or root chakra at the perineum.

A new chakra is evolving in our etheric body that reflects the theme of our times, and our state of human evolution. This chakra is found in the upper chest, on the breastbone, just below the collar bones. This chakra is unique because it represents altruistic love for all of humanity, in fact, for all creation.

As this chakra develops, our love for others grows, an unconditional love laced with devotion, tolerance, and good will. It is the realization that we are all part of The One. When open, it glows with a turquoise light, sending beams of comradery, acknowledgement, and communion with all those around us. Focus on your torso and see,...can you feel this chakra growing?

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