Wild Spring Edibles

Gathering new Spring plants has been a human tradition since time began. In modern times, it is a ritual that few have experienced. It is so much "easier" to go to the store, but what experiences are lost. Get in touch with what nature offers you and your family freely - and packed with nutrition!

Some Plants to Try This Spring

Everyone knows the humble Dandelion. For centuries they have been eaten with gusto in European countries, and loathed as lawn weeds in North America. The fresh young leaves are delicious, and can be eaten raw in salad or on sandwiches. Make sure you pick them from an unsprayed area, though, preferably away from roads and car fumes. Older leaves become increasingly bitter, but can be used like any "cooking green" --steamed or simmered. The crown of the plant can be eaten as a hot, cooked vegetable, alone, or with other vegetables.

Miner's Lettuce

This lovely little plant grows naturally in cool mountain regions. This Spring plant can be gathered for delicious salads, or as a green addition to sandwiches. Very tender and full of life!

Prickly Pear

A desert plant, the Prickly Pear has proven beneficial to diabetics and is delicious (once the spines are removed). Both pads and the fruit are edible. Sautee the despined pads in olive oil and add garlic, tomato, onions, and so on to make a main dish. This plant is versatile and can be added to many dishes: casseroles, breads, even desserts.


A Leadership Mentality

As we near the 21st Century, it is interesting to observe the very real changes that are occurring in every sector of society. Change, constant change, is the signal that we are on the eve of a major paradigm shift. The way people have been living for the past hundred years or so is about to die out, and a new way of being is emerging. Can you see it?

In all areas - business, education, government, religion, the family, cultures and organizations, a new lens is developing,.a new worldview. Some people are excited about these changes, others are deathly afraid. It will no longer be enough to earn a living, consume, and maintain the status quo. The times are a'changing to a new era of social responsibility; a sense of unity with others across the globe and with the planet, herself; and a need to approach all parts of lives in a holistic, integrated way.

The easiest way to ride this wave of change, is to refine and raise our way of thinking and our awareness of our own consciousness. Our very minds and brains are evolving, we are all developing a new cohesiveness, a realization that we are all a part of the whole. We are all in this together. Pay attention to your thoughts, your beliefs, the way you perceive the world around you. Become the super sensitive consciousness you were meant to be, an intelligent, future-mode thinker, capable of leading others to a more refined and dignified way of life.

"Personal mastery is a function of the quality of our seeing. Great Masters in ancient civilizations were known as seers. Those great seers saw nothing magical. The uniqueness of their vision was that they possessed not only sight but also insight. The masters saw the world around them perceptively not passively."

- Debashis Chatterjee (1998) Leading Consciously.


Love is In All Things

When we define love merely as a feeling, we do not recognize the infinite organizing capacity of love in our everyday lives. Love is the unifying principle that holds our atoms together, creates magnetic and gravitational fields, and synchronizes the movement of planets in our physical universe. In our psychological universe, love generates our social and parental instincts, builds friendships, unites lovers, and creates affinity between people in groups and organizations. In the larger spiritual realm, love raises the human organism beyond physical and social needs toward greater integration with the cosmos.

Love is the evolutionary impulse that pushes us from a competitive mindset toward the instinct for cooperation. Beyond cooperation love evolves purely as a state of being that transcends the dichotomies of competition or cooperation. In this state we are in touch with the pure energy of love that holds the atom and the universe together. Love is uncontaminated energy that is not conditioned by outside reality.


Honing your Spirit

The days to come are exciting one, but the millenium will indeed bring changes. Changes that will require you to have your wits about you, as well as a deep connection to your inner source. You are wise to work on this connection now, so that it is clear and strong like a well established conduit.

Remember, that you are not a victim of another's behavior, or situations, or conditions. Create your own experience. Stop needing, reacting, and perceiving from a mass point of view. You are a unique being, see and be from your own unique center. Seek your own solace, but reach out to help others to seek theirs as well. Inspire others to grow - to seek the Light.

Your Path is a noble one - do not falter. Remove yourself from your personal drama and realize that it is all symbolic. Redefine your idea of femaleness and strength. Stay focused on your growth snd your path, and be open to reading the messages and symbols your Spirit sends you, as they come to you. Stay alert and aware, trusting and attuned.

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