Newsletter for 21st Century Womyn: March 2000, V. 2, No. 6

March 2000 newsletter.html Volume 2, Number 6


Fitness and Your Bones (Part 3 of 3)

Everyone knows that a regular fitness regime is important for overall health. What many do not know is that it is ESSENTIAL for bone health. Just as important as nutrition. Our bones are in a continual flux of repair and remodeling. Every seven years our entire skeleton is completely replaced.

In a nutshell, without regular exercise, the best nutrition in the world is useless. The skeleton is dynamic. Without regular weight-bearing exercise and activity, your bone mass deterioriates, at any age. The inner core of our bones is made up of fine interlocking filaments called trabecular bridges. These filaments break down if our bones are not regularly used actively. As the body ages, this filament breakdown leaves one particularly susceptible to bone fracture, osteoporosis and other problems.

Plan to partake in the activity and fitness regime of your choice at least three times a week for an hour or two. This is the best gift you can give your body. Take it slow, and make sure it is an activity that you love. Walking, running, biking, dance are all great to start you off. This will preserve your bones, as well as regulate your weight, boost your spirits, and tone up all of the other crucial systems in your body. Time well spent!


Herbs for Optimal Brain Function

There are classic herbs that have been used for centuries around the globe for mental agility, memory and brain power. Here is an overview on the top brain booster herbs, ones that have been tested and proven clinically effective.

Gingko is one of the oldest plants on Earth, surviving since prehistoric times. Studies have shown that 150 mg of Gingko daily improves memory, concentration, reduced brain blood congestion and sharpens one's mental agility.

Ginseng has been used for centuries to sharpen concentration and restore memory. It also reduces the effects of stress hormones.

Gotu Kola stimulates mental alertness.

Fo Ti Teng enhances mental and physical youthfulness.

St. John's Wort lifts your mental mood, drives away depression and the blues.


Spring Innocence of the Heart

Spring is here this month, bringing an exhilaration of Spirit and thoughts of renewal and growth. A time of new beginnings both in the outer world and hopefully, in the inner landscape of our hearts. This is the perfect time for you to engage in practices and rituals that fill your heart with a sense of renewal, of self-acceptance and of perpetual innocence.

Rarely, is the characteristic of "innocence" associated with adulthood. Often, as we grow up we bemoan the loss of that clear-sighted and open-hearted state usually delegated only to early childhood. But this need not be! Innocence can be recultivated on a regular basis.

The key is to clear yourself! Your mind, your heart, your body and your soul. Your heart can be renewed to attend to life from a perspective of both innocent wonder and wise sage. The lessons you have accumulated and experienced throughout your life needn't be stored away in dusty crevices as baggage, past hurts, or nostalgic memories that once were. These are simple lessons along the sea of life that serve to stretch you, to make you grow. But they are not meant to weigh you down.

Forgiveness, closure, expression and release are the keys to restoring your innocence and your love of life. Search your heart for repressed hurts, unexpressed emotions, and pent-up feelings and express and release them in some definite way. Talk directly to the person; write, draw or dance; sing in the forest; skip in the tide and clear out your heart till it shines. Enter this new Millennial Spring with the joy and rapture only found in the innocent. Remember what it felt like to be a carefree child. Break free of your confines and Love Your Life, Your Essence!


Making A Difference

It is a fact that a central human need is the feeling that one's life and purpose for being on this planet has meaning. As we enter this New Millennium, the meaning of life oftens crops up in our consciousness, if we pay attention. These are both exciting and somewhat frightening times to be living in. In order for you to calmly contend with the chaos, the constant change, the shift in human relationships, and the swiftly advancing effects of technology and invention, it is important for you to feel an inner oasis, a certainty that your life has purpose and meaning. You are not a lost soul amongst the cacophony.

An enormous step in finding meaning in life is to live with Purpose. With Intent. To ground your decisions, your problem-solving, your intentions, and your reactions in Spirit: that center within each one of us that both nourishes and directs (if we give it permission). Rather than reacting from Needs or Ego or Patterns, we can choose to express ourselves and deal with life's corners and turns from our Wise Center, the "Watcher" and "Wise Sage" within each one of us, child and adult alike.

If all of our thoughts, our feelings, our expressed words, our gestures and our behaviors are transmitted with a quality of Spirit, Magic happens! The effect we have on others and on the world around us becomes sacred and profound. Every little thing we do, every word, every touch, every glance makes a difference. Our very Being touches all around us with reverance and grace.

This "steps up" the quality of energy in our world, and ricochets off all that we meet. Try it! Let your center permeate your very Essence and allow it to be your source of ideas, expressions and reactions. Let your Light direct all that you do, say, and feel. Amazing results will be yours. Guaranteed!

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