Newsletter for 21st Century Womyn: June 1999, V. 2, No. 2



Classic Tonic Herbs

Cultures from all over the globe have created and used cleansing and rejuvenating tonics for centuries, especially in spring. After the long winter with our tendency to eat diets that include heavier foods that often leave system residuals, a simple herbal tonic works wonders! You can easily tone and clean your body of accumulated wastes by enjoying these simple remedies, tried and tested over the ages.

Tonic herbs are unique amongst remedies, because they act in a bidirectional fashion. This quality is how herbal tonics help us to restore and maintain balance and good health in all of our body systems. What this means is that tonic herbs exert their healing actions in opposing directions. These herbs contain biochemical substances which act in uniquely opposite directions which is how they can help us to maintain system balance. For example, Ginseng both raises and lowers blood sugar levels and white blood cell count, back and forth, until balance is achieved, and then maintained.

Several spring and summer tonics were used by the early North American settlers, both in the U.S. and in Canada. Tonics tended to be simple and focused on readily available plants, which we can still use today. Here are some common ones that you can try:

Dandelion leaves picked while still young and tender were used as a green in salads; cooked like spinach; or dried and made into a refreshing tea.

Both Purple and White Yarrow were used to treat throat and respiratory ailments and as a tonic and stimulant by the early settlers.

Burdock seeds and roots were used by folk doctors as a blood purifier and tonic. Poultices of the crushed leaves were also used to treat poison ivy and insect bites, especially handy when one is out in the wild.

Red Raspberry leaves were used by women as a tea, to both increase and decrease uterine tone. This was particularly useful as a uterine tonic during pregnancy, and for preventing and treating menstrual discomforts and imbalances.

This pleasant tasting tonic has been used in Northern Europe to cleanse the system, and free up energy for a more active Spring lifestyle. It will leave you feeling light and refreshed.

1 large bunch of fresh Chervil
1 quart or litre of water
Squeeze of fresh lemon juice

In a large glass container, combine the Chervil and water and let the mixture steep at room temperature overnight. Strain out the Chervil in the morning, and add a squirt of fresh lemon juice. Now sip the refreshing brew throughout the day.


Nutrition and Mental Health

Your mental health and well-being is affected by a multitude of factors. Interpersonal dynamics, financial situation, place of residence, community happenings, religious conflict, racial tension - any number of factors can wear at your nerves.

Your level of fitness, how much sleep you get, how you cope with stress are also crucial factors in your mental well-being. Another extremely important factor is your level of nutritional balance.

Nutrition not only keeps the body maintained and healthy, but also the mind. Whether we are talking about mood, affect, personality, learning ability, creativity, imagination, intuition, or good old body-mind maintenance, - our ability to cope and thrive in the world does demand proper nutrition.

B Vitamins Are Mind Food

Nutrition and medical research has recently been focused on certain B vitamins linked with depression, stress response, learning, digestion, and nerves. There are 11 recommended B vitamins, making up what is called the B Vitamin Complex.

Although research has usually been focused on one single B vitamin, such as folic acid, or inositol, it is important that all eleven are present in our systems for optimal impact. B vitamins are vital to your mental and neural health, as well as your enzyme production for effective digestion.

The 11 Required B Vitamins

  • Thiamine or Vitamin B1
  • Riboflavin or Vitamin B2
  • Niacinamide or Vitamin B3
  • Pyridoxine or Vitamin B6
  • Cyanocobalamin or Vitamin B12
  • Pantothenic Acid
  • Folic Acid
  • Biotin
  • Cholin
  • Inositol
  • Para Amino Benzoic Acid or PABA

Sources of B Vitamins

B vitamins are found in foods such as whole grains, legumes and other beans, lean meats and fish, cereals, and fortified dairy and bakery products. Each of the B vitamins has a slightly different yet synergistic function in the body and mind. It is vital that you receive all eleven of these vitamins each day.

If you do decide to supplement your Vitamin B supply, make sure you buy a quality product that contains all eleven of the B vitamins, not just 5 or so. An excess in a few of the B vitamins can potentiate a deficiency or interfere with the function of less abundant ones.


Healing War with Love

Editor's Note: The following is from an incredible website.

Please Go to: and join in the Healing.

This Sacred Geometry Structure for creating peace in Kosovo came to intuitive artist, Dottie Martin when she asked what could be done to help the situation in Kosovo. As with the sacred geometry soul portraits she does for individuals, everyone who works with this image, or even just sees it briefly, feels a deep stirring and knowingness of its importance and powerful influence for peace. She says it is several miles up in the sky, and is itself probably about a mile or more in length. It spins clockwise, and showers down rays of colored light from each of the three balls. The more light, the more influence for peace. Each individual contributes his/her own unique quality to the light, and as more individuals join in with a common vision, the more the individual and group contribution is amplified.

The more people are aware of this subtle structure, the more light and peace for the region. Dottie says she is also seeing another such structure form over Russia, and a third one is forming over the Middle East. We'll continue to add Dottie's Sacred Geometry visions to this web page as she receives them and paints them for us.

Please PASS IT ON! Send as many people as you can the link to this page:


Sending A Voice

Most people are familar with prayer, on an intimate level. No matter what religion or belief system you may follow, it is common for people to share their feelings, their thoughts, and their longings through the vehicle of prayer.

In ancient times, prayer was called "Sending A Voice." This method of prayer offered a way to commune with the Creator in the form of Nature and the surrounding Universe. This type of prayer is an outpouring of the heart in the midst of Nature. You can pray as you sit beside a river, or walk along a path. Allow the beauty and power of your own Being to merge with that which surrounds you. Feel the affinity - you are one with your World, with your Creator. In a literal and metaphoric way.

There are no "right" words to say, let your Spirit guide you. Thanksgiving; Communion; Requests; and Sharing Troubles can all be uplifting, releasing, and Heard! Share your Soul and feel the Affinity, Unity, and Bliss all around!

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