Following Your Body's Rhythms

Before the advent of modern civilization, winter was a natural time for more rest, more reflection, and quiet. Now, in our busy world, this rhythm is often ignored, as we continue to bustle through each day. Some of the reasons for this winter reflection in times of yore were situational - less light, cold nights, and inclimate weather. However, the wisdom of the cycle had merit. We all need time to rest and reflect. Is it coincidence that many of us get sicker in the winter? Is it just the "flu season"? Or are our bodies trying to remind of us of ancient patterns and practices?

If you're like me, your life is full of activity, and you don't have much time for reflection. So, how can we make time? One way is to try and structure your day around the shorter daylight hours. Try to allow yourself more time in the evenings and weekends to put aside your work, and engage in self-rejuvenating activities instead. Avoid late-office hours, and try and get home by sundown. Feed yourself a comforting, hot meal, and relax in an aromatic hot bath. Dress yourself comfortably and cozily in soft natural fiber clothes or PJs, and curl up with a good book, and some hot herbal tea. Write in your journal by a cheery, glowing fireplace. Or knit a sweater, write letters to friends, - anything that makes you feel warm, relaxed, and reflective. Get to bed early, covered with warm soft quilts, and hibernate for the night. If you pamper yourself this way on a routine basis, you'll likely find your body won't need to get sick for a rest.


Super Achiever or Workaholic?

In our modern, technological world, we often have to push ourselves to the limit to "get ahead" in the work world. If one is a woman, the effort required to go beyond the glass ceiling and make a name for ourselves can take its toll. Workaholics have become the newest victims of addiction - a problem that often leads to health risks such as stress disorders, heart problems, and autoimmune diseases.

There is a difference between a workaholic - someone who is obsessed with reaching goals without regard for self or others, and a super-achiever. There is a sort of all-or-nothing desperation to a workaholic's achievements. The super-achiever, on the other hand shows distinctive healthy traits, including:

  • Vision, the ability to see what does not exist yet
  • Action, the ability to comfortably implement ideas
  • An ability to Inspire others to support your vision
  • Perseverance
  • Accountability for your actions
  • Awareness of how your actions affect others
  • Balance in your personal and professional life
Workaholics think that Success is a Goal. Super-Achievers know Success is a Journey. As you travel along your professional journey, take stock of your approach. Approach each day with Vision, Compassion, Awareness and Self-Regard, and avoid the workaholic burnout.

Sacred Relationships

To fully enjoy a relationship with your beloved it is important that you both regard your bond as a sacred one, and that you treat it as such. Some ways to do this daily are:

  • Incorporate sacred time together Try to dedicate at least the first and last 5 minutes of each day to sacred relating.
  • Create a sacred space Dedicate your bedroom as a temple of love and honoring. Use candles, incense, an altar, aromatherapy, and sacred symbols to help consecrate this space.
  • Share Symbolic Purification Use your daily shower or bath to cleanse and purify your spirit as well as your body.
  • Bond Your Breathing Spend time each day, inhaling and exhaling fully, synchronizing the rhythm with your beloved's patterns.
  • Develop Divine Awareness Share your spiritual ritual and development with your beloved. Pray and meditate together, for a more intimate and sacred union.
  • Honor any Discord Learn to comfort and help one another grow through the Path of Fire of relationships. Help to nurture their inner child as well as honor their wise elder within.
  • Relax into Pleasure Be receptive to what you are experiencing together, without tension or worry about outcomes. Enjoy the process of your sharing and intimacy. Treasure the uniqueness of your beloved's being and savor each moment spent together in blessed union.
  • [Spirit

    Spiritualizing Your Day-to-Day

    How you prepare and tune into your Spirit can have a profound impact on the quality of your day to day life. A frequent and regular tuning in to your Spirit will help you enjoy a life of synchronicities, insights, and flow. Ways to do this:

    • Set aside 24 minutes - one minute for each hour of the day to tune into your Spirit. Make this personal. Pray, meditate, commune with Nature, dance your Muse - somehow express your connection to Spirit.
    • When you rise, take time to contemplate your day. Visualize events flowing, see people accepting your ideas and your energy, feel in control of what is moving toward you. Feel the magic that is a natural part of life.
    • If you are faced with a difficult situation, breathe in deeply, visualize the situation and as you exhale, project light and love to that person or situation and see it or them reacting positively to your energy.
    • During the middle of the day, take a few moments to be with yourself, and recharge your spiritual energy. Review your successes and lessons, and thank your Spirit. If you can, spend a few moments in nature at this time, even if it means just looking out the window and enjoying the clouds in the sky.
    • Then, in the evening, once again spend time with your Spirit, and review your day. Affirm, "The day continues well; I feel successful, I feel strong. There is beauty in all things."

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