Keep Out the Cold!

Part 2:
Continued from November edition

Other natural and herbal remedies that you can try for winter protection from colds, coughs, and flu include:

For Sore Throats

Golden Seal
10 drops 3 times per day

Bee Propolis
20 drops 3 times per day

Zinc lozenges
25 mgs, 1 to 3 times per day
for 2 days, then once per day

Homeopathic Remedies

Mercurius sol
For profuse runny nose; sneezing; raw, burning throat; fever and perspiration; intense thirst; hunger.

Natrum mur
For cold with sneezing, runny nose with thick discharge; sore nasal passages; tears on coughing.

Fever; irritable; thirsty; dry croupy cough; headache; chills; restless; vomiting.


Ready for 1999?

1999 is just days away - what kind of year are you planning to have? Are you anticipating a brand new start? A year full of opportunity, and time for all your dreams to come true?

Now is the time to START this plan - to claim 1999 as YOUR year of SUCCESS and HAPPINESS!! You CAN achieve this, but you must work with your thoughts and actions to create it.

Before the end of the year, buy or dust off an empty journal - one that feels good to you, and makes you want to write in it. Start with a fresh plan for 1999. On the first page, title it with "Goals and Vision of 1999 by (your name)".

Now, write down the 10 top goals and achievements that you intend to create and do in this next coming year. Really search your heart, and write down what you TRULY want. Not wistful wishes, but honest to goodness intentions!

You may find it helpful to categorize the intentions - into Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual.

The rest of the journal is for your day to day dialogue with yourself on how you are working, thinking, believing, acting, and growing to achieve and manifest the ten intentions you wrote down. You'll be amazed, if you keep at it, at how beautifully you actually do draw these intentions to you and see them manifested in your reality. Happy Creating!!!!



Taking Stock

A New Year is upon us. Now is a common time for people to reflect on their lives, and make resolutions for improvement. It is also a time for taking stock of where our hearts are at. Are we happy and contented with our lot? Or do we yearn for a different life, a different partner, or a different job or lifestyle? Well, if this is the case, it is time to ponder and take stock. What is stopping you from being contented, happy, and joyful each moment of your life? Intend to change this in 1999!

One way to find out how you really feel about your life, is to create a list. Sit down with a pad of paper, and divide a page into two columns. Label the first column "Things I Love About my Life". In the second column, write: "Things that Must Change in my Life."

Now, let yourself relax, and write down all the things you love, and all the things you can't stand about your life. Let yourself write freely, don't hold anything back. Once you've exhausted all your items, look over what you've written. Look for any links. Are there any items that overlap on your list?

Perhaps you wrote about things you love and hate about your body. Or your partner. Your job. Your home. And so on. What would it take to change the things you can't stand about these aspects of your life, and still hold on to the things about them that you love? These are the areas that you are being called upon to change at this time. Make a Plan and Recreate your Life!

Be Happy this coming Year - Create a Life that fills your Heart with Love and Joy! Remember, you DESERVE to be Happy!!


Getting in Tune with Your Sage

Within each of us, is a very wise core, a center of Knowing and Insight. If we dwell in an active busy-world mindset most of the time, it is difficult to tap this wisdom, or even to sense it. Are you in tune with your inner Sage, your deep all-knowing Wise Woman?

If not, I invite you to meet her. It is easy enough to do. It just takes some practice, patience, and sensitivity. The first thing to do is allow yourself to go somewhere quiet and tranquil, and let yourself relax into an alpha state. Breath deep, let your mind go. Let all your worries and cares slip away.

Now, close your eyes, and tune into your center. Feel your breath slowly go in and out in a regular deep pattern. Feel your heart beat at its regular, strong rhythm. Feel your atoms and molecules vibrate and oscillate at their continual, energetic frequencies. Sense the pool of richness and wisdom that lies everlasting at your inner core.

Now, assign an image to this wisdom - let it become represented by a figure of some sort. Perhaps a wise elder, a young maiden, a loving mother, a learned lady, or an animal, or a beautiful angel, - whatever seems right for you. Sit and revel in the beauty of this image, and listen for any messages. Do this for a few minutes, then return to waking consciousness.

Practice this communion several times a week, if you can, to develop a deep relationship between you. As you come to know this inner being, you can gain great comfort, advice, and knowings - messages from the inner core of your being. Keep trying - you'll be glad you did!

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