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A Newsletter for the 21st Century Woman

August 1998 Volume 1, Number 4

Editor: June Kaminski, RN MSN

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Body Dialogue

Loving Your Body

All too often, the summer months cause feelings of dissatisfaction and low self-esteem in people, especially women. The season of bathing suits, sun gear, shorts, and little clothing can catalyze thoughts of inadequacy and shame in the strongest woman. Ads, magazine pictures, TV images all reinforce the accepted "norm" of appearance on the beach, and other social environments. How does one deal with these feelings? Starve oneself? Diet to the max? Workout with a frenzy? Buy loose flowing clothes that hide certain body areas?

In days of old, images of nude or barely dressed women abounded, women with ample flesh and generous curves. Thinness was considered unhealthy and malnourished - women were encouraged to maintain a rosy glow, and a well-rounded form. Modern research does warn of obesity and unhealthy weight gain, but also laments the effects of anorexia and obsessive weight control.

The point seems to be to find a happy medium. As you notice your own feelings about your body, distinguish thoughts that have been "conditioned" with those that originate from your true values and beliefs. Learn to dialogue with your own unique body. If you can, move to only giving your body messages that are caring and positive. If you view your body as uniquely yours, subject only to your personal appraisal and decisions for conditioning, feeding, grooming, and maintaining, your body will respond. You'll find you will appreciate your special vessel more deeply, you'll feel more physically vital and healthy, and body decisions will be made from an empowered and deliberate frame of reference.

Mind Dialogue

Banishing the Cobwebs

Summer! A time for shedding the weight of heavy clothing, for getting outside - breathing in the fresh air and subtly scented fragrances. Time for clearing one's mind of outdated fears, concerns, habitual mental patterns that no longer serve us. A great time for connecting with our "inner maiden", and reconnecting with our dreams, goals, and aspirations.

While you engage in summer activities, notice your thought processes, and how you view your life. When you participate in summer sports, picnics, social events, weddings, whatever - what kinds of self-image or childhood thoughts and memories surface? Do you revel in your daily activities, noticing a richness and beautiful continuity in your life? Or, do you regret that you're getting older, and feel like you can't enjoy or participate in life, like you used to? It's true - we all are getting "older" - experiencing the passage of time, and building a store of memories and experiences in our mental bodies.

How we perceive our lives can profoundly affect the way our life experiences unfold. If you view your life from a mind set of fear, regret, dissatisfaction, and wistful longing, you jeopardize your ability to draw enjoyment and a feeling of contentment. Past stored experiences accumulate like junk in the closet, never being processed and dispersed. We need to regularly "clear the cobwebs" of our memories and thoughts in order to maintain a youthful view and frame of mind.

Take time this summer to actively cleanse your mental faculties. Think of metaphors to use to program your mind to "let go"; relive past memories that bothered you, and see these from a "big picture" perspective, doing whatever you have to "let them go". Send them off into the ethers to be recycled as reusable energy. Don't let past problems, regrets or memories spoil your worldview for today's experiences. We all need to shed the negativity in our minds, bodies, hearts, and spirit to continue to enjoy life, even with the passage of time.

Heart Dialogue

Summer Musings of the Heart

As I listened to my inner being on this Summer Day, the following message came - it must be my Higher Self speaking, speaking to my Heart: It says:

Let your emotional body rise to a higher vibration - to shed the memories of the past; of conflict, insult, rejection, unawareness.
Let it be drawn up to align with me, your Higher Self - to levels of ecstasy, joy, and bliss.
Allow it to sing with rapture.
Let it join with your Mental and Physical bodies in a Quickening.

Trust is the key to opening the Spirit.
This is the first lesson of all relationships.
First learn to trust yourself - that you are capable of manifesting your dreams.
Learn to trust your mate - that he or she is capable of true love and dedication and honor;
Trust your connection to the God/Goddess-head - no need to worry or fret, complain or become stressed.
Trust your Circle - each member capable of growth and altruism.
Trust Mother Earth to align with you - to foster and nourish your being.

Too much time is spent in distrust. Let go; enjoy the flow and rhythm of life.
Renew your perspective and enjoy NOW; TODAY; make it special.
Trust the process; your path; your Destiny.
Trust in your Purpose - to be a Frequency Shifter.

Spirit Dialogue

A Model of Spiritual Oneness


Alpha State

Frequency of Human matches Frequency of Earth

In Resonance with Earth

Relaxed Awareness
Attunes our Perceptions

Stimulates others around us
To resonant at
same frequency

Attuned Awareness

One with the Earth

Ripples onto all Dimensions

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